New perfumes of intense aromas to give in Christmas 2019

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There are few days left until Christmas and gifts arrive. Taking advantage of Black Friday promotions , it is a good time to buy them and to give away good perfumes . The truth is that the range of fragrances is very wide, although this time we will focus on the latest developments that have been launched. Of course, they are for women who like intense aromas .


The Guerlain firm has surprised with the launch of a new version of the Mon Guerlain fragrance, which you surely know because the campaign is starring Angelina Jolie. In this version, the intense and unique aroma is enhanced , with different notes such as lavender, tangerine and bergamot. But it also has a very floral core of iris, rose, jasmine sambac or vanilla from Madagascar, which stand out against a background of patchouli, Australian sandalwood, white musk or coumaria, among other notes.


The Guerlain firm has surprised with the launch of a new version of the Mon Guerlain fragrance

Another novelty that you can opt for is the Slow Dance perfume by Byredo, which is defined as being oriental amber . In fact, it is a unisex fragrance – it serves the same for men as for women -, in which notes of opoponax, violet, patchouli and geranium stand out. It is a very strong and ideal perfume for those women who want to leave their mark and have always wanted the aromas of male perfumes.


Much more feminine is the new version of Joy by Dior in which its aroma has intensified , appreciating notes of roses, jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood and neroli. It is an ideal perfume for young and modern women, but who do not want to give up a good fragrance.


Chanel is another of the firms that remains faithful to Christmas. Looking ahead to this year, he has launched a new version of Gabrielle , a perfume that in a short time has become mythical within this firm for being inspired by the creator of the maison: Gabrielle Chanel.

It is an intense floral fragrance that pays tribute to all those flowers that were Coco Chanel’s favorites , such as jasmine, orange blossom, Grasse’s tuberose and ylang-ylang.


We also have to talk about the launch of Idôle de Lancôme, which has been conceived for strong and optimistic women and who are also committed to the environment because the bottle is rechargeable and has been made with raw materials of sustainable origin . As for the aroma, stand out the rose, the jasmine flower and the white Cyprus.


And from Gucci comes Memorie d’une Odeur , which is distinguished by its vintage packaging , inspired by the perfumes of this signature of the 90s, and is recognized olfactoryly for its aromas of Roman chamomile, Indian coral jasmine, musk , cedar and sandalwood.

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