Natural Remedies for Swollen legs

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The feet are the big losers of the long working hours, spending many hours standing or sitting, heels among other habits that make throughout the day feel more Swollen legs. On these occasions, although it is always desirable to modify the routines for greater well – being as far as possible, it is possible to provide specific care with natural products for Swollen legs. In addition, they can be done at home without problems and without any difficulty.

Remedies for Swollen Feet

Among the products that nature provides and that they are useful for these cases is the sage and rosemary . Together, as well as separately, they are great allies to fight the swelling of the legs.

For your benefits, you just have to take a container in which they can enter the feet comfortably and should be covered with water. This must be filled bowl of warm water to be submerged at least up to the ankles.

Then you just have to add water one tablespoon of sage leaves and another tablespoon of rosemary. We must stir well to that mix everything perfectly in the container.

After this step, you must put your feet, leaving them submerged convenient being about 15 minutes approximately, although noticeable relief quickly because these plants have excellent properties anti – inflammatory .

Once time is up , the process ends drying your feet thoroughly and then applying a moisturizer . It may be advisable to also include the cooling effect because that helps improve circulation and also delves into greater relief to feel less swelling.

It is a very easy and simple remedy that can be done daily , always with preference for the night or when you have already finished the day in order to rest better.

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