Moisturizing creams and oils for use in the shower

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There are many products available in the market for moisturizing the skin and to cover all needs. But all of them necessarily require time to be implemented. In this sense, there is a category unexplored by women in creams and oils that come to give us the routine because they are used in the shower. Then in one step we can clean and moisturize the skin effectively.

Moisturizing creams is a must for all women who care about their skin ritual is to spend several minutes to apply cream from head to toe to avoid the typical dry skin. Usually done after shower, with clean and dry skin. This routine can be a bit tiring because time is lost between putting the cream, wait for it to dry and is well absorbed by the skin prior to dressing and makeup for example.

Such activity becomes part of life and is unconsciously or leaves over time. Precisely for this group of women more lazy or you do not have much time to devote to their creams, shower products exist.

all women who care about their skin ritual is to spend several minutes to apply cream

In different options and styles, these products arise as the ideal to moisturize the skin and very effectively express because they are used underwater solution. Thanks to the ingredients that are made, are left on the body giving very smooth feel with lasting effect.

Several options are available in the market. Some others only moisturize and also serve as a substitute for soap.

Products to discover

To leave behind any excuse to avoid using body lotion as lack of time, lack of habit, because not dry fast, because they feel sticky, stain clothes, etc.. There are a whole nuva generation cosmetics products that give skin the ingredients it needs to be splendid, supple and moisturized.

These are used in the shower, apply all over the body after the soap, and rinsed immediately. After drying not expect much dressing or use any kind of cream on the skin.


For some women reach shower creams to moisturize your skin, so you need not apply other conventional cream after bathing. However, for those who have dry skin too, sometimes need to be strengthened with another product.
Most of the shower creams are products for the body but not the face. The secret of these formulas is to be activated on contact with the hot water, when the skin pores are more open and thus complete hydration is achieved. When rinsing, only soluble in water are removed assets while wetting agents lasts for several hours to give softness and gloss to the skin.

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