Moisturize the skin to recover in the spring

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Seasonal changes, turns up the heat and you have to take off their clothes. Our legs, chest and arms begin to be visible and show the marks of having been covered for so many months.

Moisturize the skin to recover in the spring

During the winter the skin was exposed to factors such as friction from clothing, cold, wind and heat, is may notice dry or flaky. So, nothing better than to offer special treatment to recover it, the longer protected and prepared to face their own agents of the spring, as the sun, the humidity and especially frequent waxing.


We consult with a dermatologist and expert on what care your skin needs at this time of year. Then I discovered what are the techniques to restore its shine and smoothness.


Dr. Monica Maiolino, adviser creams Dermaglós, warns that the former maintain proper hygiene and skin hydration, with products rich in vitamins and hypoallergenic. “The stratum corneum needs a 10-13% of water to keep their biomechanical properties. Below, results in a rough skin, dull due to lack of flexibility.” If we let this state is prolonged, then the skin is more fragile and vulnerable, she says.


Which products to use:

A good treatment of hydration and recovery should be done with creams or emulsions containing vitamins to normalize dry or dehydrated skin while preventing premature aging. Also important are that contain active ingredients that stimulate tissue regeneration.

Dermaglós Body: cream or emulsion, keeps skin cell balance throughout the body. Due to its content of vitamins A and E and Allantoin has a deep moisturizing, antioxidant and restorative skin, leaving it much more smooth, fresh and supple.

Uniform Neutrogena Body Care: For all skin types, enriched with soy and natural glycerin that help minimize skin imperfections, giving a uniform texture and tone.

Lidherma Renovage: renewing, provides emollient and repair even the driest skin, providing elasticity, radiance and firmness, containing urea (which retains moisture) + AHAs. This combination of assets ensures adequate hydration, stimulating the production of hygroscopic substances.


 Beauty Tips:

It is recommended moisturizing body cream or emulsion daily, gently massaging with upward circular movements as many times as necessary.

The application of creams and moisturisers after bathing facilitates the absorption because the pores are more prolonged.

Periodically carry out a gentle exfoliation with loofah mitt or to remove impurities from the body, rinse with warm water and place it even with moisturizers to damp skin.

To have healthy skin hydration should be external and internal. It is imperative to maintain adequate and balanced diet, with a fluid intake of less than 2 liters per day.

Opt for hypoallergenic products that reduce the ability of certain components of allergic inflammation.


As cautions Dr. Maiolino, skin properly hydrated keeps its smoothness, freshness and elasticity, is more beautiful and healthy. But also improves circulation in the area and helps to prevent, for example, folliculitis (better known as “ingrown hair”), which usually appears after shaving.

Keep on hand cream that best suits your type skin and apply as many times you feel is necessary in all areas of your body.

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