Mistakes that ruin the self-tanner

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Whether it’s hot in the southern hemisphere and thus show more skin , but there is also a reality, the sun is increasingly damaging and being tanned is not synonymous to enjoy good health.

To prevent skin disorders, many we went to the well weighted self-tanner that gives color without fear for the future of spots, wrinkles, sagging or cancer. But hey, enjoying a perfect tan is not so simple, sometimes without realizing account completely ruined.

Discover what are mistakes that ruin the self-tanner thus get a smooth, perfect and lasting color.

A fake tan looks great when performed correctly and we consider several factors

Using the self-tanner before a big event

Ideally start using self-tanner with some advance to be taking color, and always exfoliate the skin 24 hours before application, this gives time to correct mistakes, especially when planning to wear white.

Ignoring the recommendations of body / face

The worst mistake you can make with self-tanner is to ignore the recommendations of the container. If the product is to face, do not be used in the body and vice versa. When we use a self-tanner on your face body we can finish as an orange mask and with eyebrows the same tone, carefully.

Apply the self-tanner without emergency kit

To avoid possible scratches or stains, you should always have an emergency kit consisting of a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda. Apply this lotion with the help of a cotton ball to remove excess product in an area that remained dark. Toothpaste is also a great ally for these emergencies.

Meet orange

When we apply too much product the result is disastrous. Too much self-tanner makes us look with a horrible orange hue or tone darker than it looks completely unnatural. Ideally, start mixing the self-tanner with moisturizer for a more uniform effect, let dry and apply sunscreen alone for a deeper tan.

Stained hands

If there is a detail that reveals the self-tanner hands are stained orange. The good news is that there are several ways around the problem, how to use a self tanner with an applicator brush, spray or use gloves when the product is passed. When using bare hands, always wash immediately with soap and some lemon juice with baking soda.

Having the skin is tanned fashion, why countless people sunning themselves in order to “become brown and prettier”. The reality is that the sun is strong and increasingly harmful to the skin, so it is best to opt for healthier alternatives such as self-tanner.

A fake tan looks great when performed correctly and we consider several factors, but sometimes the result is disastrous errors of ourselves. In this post I’m commenting on what those mistakes we make and totally ruin the self-tanner.

Stain clothing

One of the most common mistakes we make when using the self-tanner is dressed almost immediately. Suitably dressed after about 15-20 minutes after using the product, and if you want to speed up the drying process can use the hair dryer cold air before putting on clothes.

Also keep in mind not to use synthetic and tight clothes, because cotton tends to sweep the skin product.

Do not exfoliate your elbows and knees depth

Always exfoliate a few days before applying self-tanner, and not forgetting the elbows and knees. When this body was not properly exfoliated, may color too dark the day after applying the product, although it looked good immediately after application.

Waxing or shaving after color

Using wax or razor after placing the self-tanner is a serious error. Ideally, remove all the hair before applying the product, and then wait at least about 3 days for the odd touch if you were hairs.

Rub the skin with towels

When skin is colored with self-tanner we have to forget about rubbing the body with a towel to dry off, because this way we remove the product and spots may appear. Instead drying should be soft and delicate with a towel that will not scratch.

Exceeding color

One of the most serious errors of using self-tanning product is applied in the same way in all parts of the body. The feet and the top of the hands do not have to have the same intense color of the body, like the inside of the arms. When applied in these areas too, such as the face, tan note is false and is wrong.

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