Mini Sauna at home: a trend with health benefits and beauty

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The idea of having your own home sauna is not as utopian or as far-fetched, if we consider the acquisition as an investment in health and beauty. The Mini Sauna, based on technology of infrared, consume relatively little power, so it is possible to sessions every other day or twice a week without consumption go through the roof. Another advantage of having the Mini Sauna at home is that the whole family can enjoy it: from children to grandparents, as the health benefits are distributed to everyone equally.

Mini Sauna and infrared heat

An extra fee of welfare, a small luxury, beauty treatments and even secured an excuse for social-all in a small space, tailored to each room, and the investment can mean buying an LCD or notebook.


Mini Sauna and infrared heat

The Mini Sauna uses infrared heat lamps is a heat that, unlike the traditional system of steam saunas, pierces the skin without changing the air temperature. In fact, the heat radiated by the sun’s infrared heat as well as itself that emanate from our bodies.


Infrared sessions last between 20 and 30 minutes, enough time to remove, by sweating, each own environmental toxins, alcohol and snuff. Oxygenate the cells due to increased blood flow, which relaxes muscles and helps the heart.


The benefits of two weekly sessions at the Mini Infrared Sauna are:

It make the skin smooth, luminous and fewer wrinkles due to the thorough cleaning from the inside out, and the removal of tissues and cells of the oxidized surface. In turn, the Mini Sauna sessions are ideal for treating acne scars, psoriasis and other skin problems.

Modeling the figure reducing cellulite: as between the body waste issues are those related to the accumulation of fat and fluid in the subcutaneous tissue.

Reduce muscle stress: effect translates into relaxed smiles, which, when activated by the flow, oxygen unlock muscle tension. In this sense, both for problems of flexibility, such as for sports, the Mini Sauna at home is ideal.



Requirements for a Home Sauna Mini

The Mini Sauna measure something like 1.30 for 1.30 mts. They may have a closet, or hooded chairs to sit individually. They are manufactured in wood, usually mahogany, which is applied to an insulator for proper conservation. To install, you only need a three-phase grounded outlet. In short, no need to have large spaces or complex electrical installations for a treat that results in health and harmony: the Mini Sauna at home.

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