Makeup for women with freckles

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It does not redhead to have the face and body covered with freckles, often many women have these little spots in excess tone regardless of hair or skin they have. They can be a nice detail to highlight but also for many is a defect to hide.

For both purposes there makeup, with which will be highlighted and illuminated or otherwise well hidden.

Freckles are small brown spots (light or dark depending on the basis of skin tone) that appear on the skin at birth or in some cases the product of sun exposure. Freckles tend to have a genetic origin and occur much more in people with fair skin. They fall into cheeks, forehead and nose, chest and shoulders or in every possible corner of the face and body (these are the birth).

These marks are caused by melanin accumulated in the skin, which manifest due to a long exposure to the sun or some inherited genetic factor. They have different shapes, colors and intensities in their shades, for that matter in every woman look different.

If freckles are well spread and average intensity are the best choice is always going to be showing them off as natural as possible, highlight them and make them part of the makeup.

But if there are couples or for some reason do not like can be hidden. But be careful when putting on the normal basis freckles and that makes it look gray face off. To completely cover them must use professional products that are heavier and are only recommended for covering defects.

How to Look freckles with makeup

The trend looks makeup goes to face the bare skin natural, bright, flawless. For this reason, if one has freckles on her face, the best is falling in love with them and get the most out to make them look feminine and sensual.

The important thing is to know which products and shades are suitable to enhance faces with freckles.

To it then seeks a fresh, glossy, healthy skin care, avoiding the base but always applying concealer. Step by step to create a natural look:

This base is ready and can continue normally with the other usual makeup

1 – In a clean, dry face, apply moisturizer all over the face and wait until absorbed. Then place first and let stand a few minutes for the powder then adhere to the skin.

2 – Use the spell indicated for skin tone in areas such as: sides of the nose, upper lip, mouth corners and pear. With slight touches of your fingers and apply on face if dark circles too. The spell must be of a tone between freckles and skin color texture not to see gray skin.

3 – Apply illuminating powder with brush on the cheek bone area, high brow and temple. These are the areas that highlight.

4 – Put round blush on the cheeks with a brush and blend well. Go slowly with the product for not exceeded. Everything here should be very subtle.

5 – Set clear and bright shadow across the eyelid movable from the center to the sides with a brush.

6 – also apply another golden shade more glossy on the tear to illuminate the eye and make it look cool.

7 – Back to illuminating pressed powder earlier in the same areas (bone of the cheekbones, the height of the eyebrow and temple) and gives luster shines movements to shine.

8 – Outline and fill in your lips with the brush well loaded with passion if red lipstick for night or light pink or gloss for the day.

9 – In the lashes apply good amount of black mascara to highlight them because they are usually very clear.

How to hide freckles

Many women do not like how you can see the freckles on her skin and in this situation you have to learn how to camouflage them with makeup unifying skin tone.

  • If you are not very pronounced can be attenuated with BB cream. Not being a base, will refine the face look good, but not completely hide freckles.
  • To hide freckles definitely can be done using the well-mixed regular moisturizer with concealer. It covers the entire face and then apply the base.
  • If still there, then put thick concealer to cover every sin.
  • Then apply pressed powder on face very gently so as not to move the corrector.
  • This base is ready and can continue normally with the other usual makeup.

Freckles are a natural condition of many skins which themselves are clear and sensitive, so it is very important to take care of the sun. It is recommended to go out with sunscreen not to darken and enlarge the problem.

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