Lancôme presents Visssionaire its first spell

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Vissionaire is the name given to the first corrector fundamental framework capable of recreating a skin perfect time to treat the wrinkles, pores and uniformity of the face.


But more than a wrinkle corrector is the first treatment to face with LR 2412. This molecule was designed to self propel in all layers of the skin and soak microtransformaciones trigger a cascade of tissue.


Lancôme presents Visssionaire its first spell


Over 12 years of research have been necessary to explore the unique process of self-regeneration of plants. This study was born the 2412 LR molecule supported by 12 patents that make this product unique among its peers cosmetic.


Their results have also been tested on 800 women under 4 weeks of treatment. And its efficiency was tested on the 4 criteria embellished skin, pores, marks, wrinkles, luminosity. The wrinkles are visibly reduced by 77%, blemishes erased by 78%, less visible pores 84% illuminated and the skin as 100%.

Vissionaire is also intended for all skin tones and has optimum tolerance even in the eye area.



For daily use

Laser, peel, hyaluronic acid and other treatments will be forgetting this crucial first spell as a test of consumers (34 women aged 35 to 49 years prior to the test stated their intention to undergo a cosmetic-dermatology) confirmed that the product is so powerful that 1 in 2 women interested in a surgery decided to postpone it once used the serum.


For more results, it is recommended to include in the daily routine: Génifique the first trigger youth brand, Vissionaire used before and the usual treatment.



The secret of Kate, Emma and Pipa

Emma Watson, as an ambassador for Lancôme, along with English sisters Kate Middleton and Pipa were the first to try the product long before it went on sale. All agreed on the beneficial effects of serum to remove the small ridges that appear on the face and quickly declared fans of it.


For all women of any age, it is now available a new miracle of cosmetics that keeps you once again of botox and other routines cosmetic. Be sure to check for yourself the benefits.

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