Jean shirt: a basic and a thousand uses

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The denim is the perfect wildcard for any outfit either every day, working for the night or even for the most elegant party. It’s a classic that never gets old. Whether jacket, pants or shirt, you should always have a special place in the closet. When we do not know ourselves, the latter, jean jacket, is the great salvation because it warm while perfect complement in all seasons. There are many ways to use and benefits at any age because it gives this trendy touch.

The shirt should be in a single tone, well made, perfect fit and always locked from the inside of the garment

The denim or jean jacket is one of those items that have become basic in recent times. It is always the best ally for all outfits. Whether long-sleeved or sleeveless and even diversity of colors, from dark blue to light blue wash through the worn and broken. In whatever form it goes well and favors all silhouettes. Combine them with clothes is as simple as putting on a pair of jeans, certainly this garment offers endless options for all tastes.

All styles with the same shirt

Total Denim look: it may seem exaggerated combined shirt with Jeans is absolute trend. Here we must take care that both garments have a similar color but never equal, lighter or darker. And to cut, some detail like a belt of color, an envelope or stones necklace is key because it will enhance the whole.

Elegant: for a semi formal party will perfect above a skirt with many glitter, sequins, golden color, with embroidery or any striking detail. Always wear your shirt in, good shoes and be ready taco look. Then with mini dresses will also great because in this case acts as if it were a jean jacket.

Sexy: to give a sexy touch to the look worth unbuckle few buttons of his shirt and offer a glimpse of lace bra. You can also be more form-fitting or in addition breeches of black leather animal print stilettos or red. The combinations are you in style.

Bohemian: the bohemian look is perfect for languid shirt, long, flower prints, silk or gauze jean.Vestidos give that combination between hippie and female. With very fresh with long skirts or slacks also looks great. Never forget the accessories here brighten the look.

Formal: for work you can combine a denim shirt dress with a skirt or black pants. If the occasion permits is given a less formal or serious office making it more modern and youthful touch. The shirt should be in a single tone, well made, perfect fit and always locked from the inside of the garment. With this garment is given a modern air tage classic style jacket with pants and high heels.

Informal or rocker: here come into play all the accessories and decorations on a shirt like blemishes, broken, worn, batik, color mixing, etc. Always rolled up on other garments such as shirts or muscular or tied at the waist will give the younger and canchero touch. Only allowed in young girls, mixing with ripped jeans, shorts or patterned tights.

This garment is so versatile that goes for both day and night, in the daily occasion like at work or at a party. Therefore being so classic and wearable throughout the year is key to have it very good quality clothing, classical and a blue medium or very light color (almost white) because it really goes with everything and never out of tune.

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