Insecurity, Self Esteem And Attitude Are Keys To Be More Beautiful

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Most personality problems facing people, rooted in how each perceives himself and how, with this view, facing everyday challenges that life presents. That is why most of the faults or depressions are caused by this issue, which does not discriminate between sexes or ages and generates the image of beauty that we see in the mirror.

Fortunately, new therapies are adapted every day to help improve your image perception and identify skills and empower.

Before providing some clues to raise the self esteem of people, you should identify the key concepts that make your attitude and behavior. Esteem or personal safety are concepts that somehow determine success in life (economic, personal, social and labor). Assessment is that we have of ourselves (often determined by how others see us) and always depends on the situation. For example: if we master an environment or a skill we will probably feel good and comfortable performing a task.

In turn, attitude is the physical, mental and emotional posture a person acquires from any stimulus. It always depends on how much interest we have in it, but basically defines the thoughts and emotions that we deal with things and how we “planted” in different situations, including problems.

Exercising to create a positive illusion

Build self confidence

Building self confidence and positive attitude will be not easy if you have low self-esteem and doubts about your own abilities.

Low self-esteem impacts every aspect of life, preventing enjoy things and achieve goals that each imposes. But luckily, the confidence in yourself is something you can learn. Only requires exercises like visualization techniques.

This requires focus, stand up straight, close your eyes and imagine a circle in which one enters and there feels powerful, able to do risky things you normally would not. The idea is that in this way one says goodbye to negative thoughts and anxieties, taking courage and into the magic circle.

Other exercises are geared more towards the body with breathing and relaxation techniques to control shyness or fear.

Recognizing the lack of security

There are some signs that mark the path of insecurity and therefore lack of self-esteem. Among them:

  • Not daring to make conversation with strangers or a superior (boss)
  • Anxiety about having to speak in public, in a meeting or in front of a group of people (known or unknown)
  • Having steadily decreased attitude
  • Living with too many doubts about your own abilities
  • I can always say no instead of “yes I can”
  • Let others despise us
  • Never able to say no
  • Dissatisfaction with body image

Create positive illusion

To gain confidence in all areas of life, you have to do exercises that give you new coping weapons. There are several techniques across disciplines and this time we will focus on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Exercising we propose is to create a positive illusion. It is all to get rid of negative illusions that make you feel bad and create an illusion that produces warm and positive feelings, based on the book “Believe more in you with NLP”, authors David Molden and Pat Hutchinson (Ed. Pearson Education).

How to Build self confidence

  1. Stage heating: show curiosity and non-judgment. You should be feeling curious about the behavior of others without making assumptions or judgments. See others do and how they achieve their results. When one judges others also makes himself and closes difference.
  2. Focusing on a future situation that affects you and make you feel insecure. An interview, an exam, a meeting, etc.. You have to project that image mentally.
  3. In a comfortable position, looking to the right you have to imagine what one would look as a confident person.
  4. Convert the image to view a movie and smiling. It should be as real as possible.
  5. Start to shift attention from oneself to the other people in this situation.
  6. Zoom in and experience how grows positive feelings while it is in this process.
  7. Communicate oneself (in a voice sure) on how much you want to pursue this and relax.

All that is done with this exercise is to create a positive image that produces a good feeling motivator for oneself. With a little practice, that feeling will conduct custom and induce confidence in another situation.

Negative feelings such as frustration, anxiety and anger, block rational thought. Therefore, everything we feel determines how we will behave. If the feelings are positive, then the result will be confidence and attitude to the difficulties of life, because insecurity is an illusion that one kept alive through an emotional connection with the memory of a situation that must be changed.

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