How to use eyeliner to enlarge the eyes: tips and styles

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Although a few years ago seemed rare, white eyeliner won with strength and is now a staple among the cosmetics.

The famous liner will help ensure bright and alert eyes, enlarged eyes and even small color highlights.

It’s definitely part of the makeup you should not miss especially in the summer.

There are also several similar shades to white as cream, pearl, slightly pink, beige, pearly light and many more.

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Apply by area

Within the lower eyelid, it has the function of larger eyes and highlight the eyes small and color. The liner for this area should be creamy and very good quality and to be in direct contact with the inner surface of the eye.


In the “V” of the eye: on the tear, light eyes, highlights the color of the shadow of the eyelids and creates the illusion of more space between the eyes close together.

In the upper eyelid, is the most classic use. It definitely helps to “open” the eye making it look bigger.


Application Tips

White is definitely the most difficult to apply tone, so it’s best to try several “white” to suits best to your style. The important thing is that with this eyeliner you can create various effects of makeup.


In the lower eyelid it should not be applied very crowded because it look too artificial, only one pass, then mascara and go. If you are too white, you can blend gently with a cotton swab.

In line V of the tear you can achieve a sexy effect and intense outlined with white pencil just above a liquid eyeliner in black, left with a silver style.

If the eye is tired, you can also be used at the corners of the eye near the nose. This trick made popular by Tyra Banks helps to open and gives light.

To enlarge the eye, used on the inside of the lower eyelid a creamy, almost white but not a very strong for this function.


Other Uses

If you have fatty eyelids, you can use as pre-white base, so that the colors of the shadows stand out more. To achieve the effect, simply mark the pencil lines with white on the lid, blended with a brush or fingers, and make up with the shadow of your choice.

It also serves to highlight and add volume to lips. To apply, gently mark the cupid’s bow (the highest part of the lips) and the groove under the nose and see the difference.

The white eyeliner is ideal for creating different tones blending with the shadows, it is always necessary to do a test on the hand to achieve the desired color to be very personal and it may well combine with your clothes or the tone of the hair.

What brands offer

MAC Eye Kohl in Fascinating, creamy eye pencil glides on the skin and can delineate, define or achieve smoky eyes. It is very soft, silky and blends easily, also provides intense color and finishes.

NyX jumbo pencil, the brand offers two varieties: Milk, who is white matte and Cottage Cheese is more pearly. Owing to the size pen support other applications such as bulk or pre shadow base.

Natura glacial white pencil with retractable tip is ideal to carry in your wallet, deep and bright white soft cream texture.

Animate to change the style of your eyes with black eyeliner. There are hundreds of matte or pearl shades to highlight or disguise the look great legs together or even if they look tired.

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