How to treat skin blemishes with cosmetics

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There are several factors that contribute to blemishes on the face and body or even worsen existing ones.

The spots on the face, for example, have many causes, the first is always the sun but there are others not so well known and are endangering the skin. Fortunately, the cosmetic dermatology industry advances and promotes various ways to prevent and mitigate them. Before you know it is important to reveal the basic concepts on this issue.


Causes of spots on the skin

Too much melanin is what causes the spots to the skin (e.g. freckles), some are taken for genetic and other not so much care for this sensitive organ. You also have to know that the skin has memory, then any excess will now begin to manifest many years later.

There are other factors that increase the predisposition to have spots and the sun will be responsible for darken over time.

  • The excess of melanin in certain areas of the body
  • Genetic and hormonal changes in pregnancy or use of some oral contraceptives
  • Hormonal imbalances caused at menopause
  • New skin lesions and old such as acne, burns, scars, etc.
  • Several studies confirm that smoking is also a major cause of spots

How to treat skin blemishes with cosmetics Causes of spots on the skin

How to protect yourself

Regular use of creams can help prevent and reduce stains, but they are not miraculous, nor stop appearing when we cease to use or abuse of the sun for example.

You must be aware that the face needs in winter a protection factor solar 15 onwards (many creams for the day they bring you only read the packaging) even if the day is cloudy.

In summer you need a sun protection factor above 30 and sometimes 50 or more (children and elderly FPS should be total) and then moisturizer is common enough to be protected.

For those who have a tendency to stain you should not use products with alcohol, especially in the tonic, not to multiply the chances that if there are spots to exposure the sun, even just by walking in the street for a while.


Creams and treatments to begin

There are several specific creams for spots that are among the ingredients elements bleach. There are also creams skin lightening, should only be used in areas as clean spots and mitigate these, which causes a slight peeling of the skin (never across the face to avoid skin damage) and then provided sunscreen should be used solar.

The origin of the first signs of aging is mainly due to two phenomena physiological, cellular oxidation, which degrades cell membranes and organs by altering the metabolism of cells and tissue glycation, collagen fibers and elastin ridifican is lost firmness and elasticity of the dermis.

Within the skin cells are composed of molecules. Stress, pollution and UV rays, trigger the oxidation process and heavily damaged cells, this oxidation process is characterized by excess energy and aging alters the cell. This disturbance causes a chain reaction that can damage deep into the heart of cellular DNA. It damages the cell metabolism, the skin is no longer able to regenerate itself quickly and effectively.

You should always consult with a trusted dermatologist before using any of these creams.


Other ways to treat stains

If the problem with patches is a little more serious you can use other treatments cosmetics that we have detailed in the following note: Treatments to get rid of skin blemishes

There are also plenty of home remedies to start with the weakest spots: Spots on the skin: 10 home remedies to combat

Studies over the past 10 years have proven that 90% of women over 50 suffer from spots on the skin, and depending on skin phototype and sun exposure habits may happen after 30 years. So it’s important to start early with basic care, at least in creams.

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