How to sew a kurta women

How to sew a kurta women

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The kurta (also ladies kurta) is a traditional Indian dress can be worn with different types of pants. It ‘very comfortable and spacious. You can achieve it with different materials such as blends of cotton or modify a dress you already have.

How to sew a kurta women


1. As already said you can transform your dress in a kurta. Just choose the dress and decide where you want to define the waist.

2. Use a dressmaker’s pins to stop the material that falls below the waist.

3. Cut 2 cm below the imaginary line that you created with the pins. Then remove them and bend the rim again, stretching it to secure it.

4. Use a sewing machine, the new rim.

1) If you want to do it from scratch, get pictures of kurta to have in mind the model and material.

2) Take your measurements (chest, shoulders and waist) and cut two pieces of fabric. Also note the measurements of the arms, neck and armholes.

3) Make a crease in amplitude and length, and used the measures taken to mark the neck and armholes.

4) Cut the neck and armholes, and then the material for arms.

5) Open the material to which you have previously made the points sewn pleats and shoulders. Then sew along the torso, starting from the armholes to the waist, sleeves and finally the edge of life. Test your kurta and modify it if necessary.

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