How to revive wavy hair?

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The wavy hair are a real passion for those who love them. But, it takes a little extra care compared to those who have them smooth because the natural waves are especially beautiful, but delicate and prone to tame the frizz. With this guide, we will see how to revive wavy hair and how to make them come a fairy tale.

First, wash them using an appropriate shampoo and a conditioner. Recommended to use one that is not aggressive to the scalp and reduces frizz (ugly). Then, the optimal bottle must contain oil flax to ensure that the strands are soft and flowing or equivalent ingredients. Once applied, rinse thoroughly with water (eliminating all traces) and put the balm or a nourishing mask.

How to Revive Dull wavy hair

The balm that you are going to apply must respect your hair and do not be irritating (buy it by following the directions written on the label of the product and can not go wrong). It must be applied from root to tip and gently massaged, dividing the strands one by one, and making it penetrate in depth. Meanwhile, rinse well with a wide-toothed comb. Its equivalent mask that is held about 3 minutes and untangling the knots and allows you to have a beautiful and shiny hair.

Next, rub the skin with a towel, taking care not to neglect the tips and let them always a little wet so that you may complete your hairstyle at best.

Now, take the foam containing flaxseed, shake it and scrape out the desired amount. Alternatively, you can use the gel that is a good helper, but it makes everything sticky. After applying hair with these products, start to model them by turning each strand in the finger to bring in the waves defined.

Take the diffuser (a hair dryer suitable for this treatment) and dry your hair upside down to make them fluffy, then raised his head and continued, passing the air stream also in the root to make it bulky. Dry them very well because the dry hair tends to swell and appear bulky.

Finally, as a final touch, shape the strands with a specific product (an oil) to make them fluffy, sublime and shiny and to remove the frizz (if ever there was) that makes hair dry and dull.

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