How To Lighten Eyebrows

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Many of us always carry the dyed hair, but we observe that the eyebrows do not have the same color and, on many occasions, we show unsightly results with dark tone eyebrows that harden the facial features. When, therefore, there we dye the hair, we must have care to lighten those too, to give the hair a more natural tone and to soften your facial features. Lighten your eyebrows is a simple job that you can do yourself at home.

Star Beauty Secret: How to Lighten Your Eyebrows

One of the most common options to change the color of the eyebrows is dyeing. In the latter case, use a whitening facial or special dye kit for eyebrows. Get a towel around the shoulders and put a mat under your feet. Prepare product mixing it with a stick and then apply it on the eyebrows from two to five minutes, depending on the tone you want to achieve: better start keeping a short time and then increasing it since the first application does not know what color it will come out and it will be better to correct that complain.

Remove the product by rinsing a small area with a cotton ball: If the color you like best, pick up the remains with plenty of cold water. Use the habit to moisturize your eyebrows with softener for hair after bleaching. If you prefer to use alternative techniques to the hue, you can use an old and infallible natural remedy: Applies chamomile on eyebrows in a consistent manner, the results are not immediate, so you have to repeat the operation as if it were a habit. You can opt for infusion bags or buy a specific product in perfumery or pharmacy. Or resort to cosmetics to color and outline the eyebrows slightly in a natural way.

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If you have a special pencil, try to brighten eyebrows with an eye shadow for eyes that is a shade lighter than the hair: slightly wet the tip of the brush, select a small amount of eye shadow and follow the shape of the eyebrow, subtly drawing it up Remember that if you have to complete the hair dark shade, you will need to choose a maximum of two tone color lighter than the color of the eyebrows, but if you have light hair, tingile maximum of two tone darker than your natural color.

If you are blonde, avoids a color too dark not to create contrast between the color of the foliage and the eyebrows. Finally, if your hair is dyed, usually the same color will work much for the hair and for the eyebrows.

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