How to eye makeup for brown eyes

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Each woman has to make up according to their personal characteristics, as not all styles will look good at all. You might be looked seductive if you disguise dark eyes, emphasize the light and sensual look with tones that contrast with the brown and techniques that help achieve a makeup perfect.

How to eye makeup for brown eyes

Makeup for brown eyes

First of all you have to prepare the skin hygiene with appropriate products for your skin type, then you have to proceed to peel (which is done once or twice a week) to remove dead cells and allow the skin to renew.

Then apply a serum to nourish your face with vitamins and minerals, which when applied after the peel penetrates deeper into the dermis. This product will help to close the pores after the previous step, firms and moisturizes delaying aging.

To conclude it is important to apply a good moisturizer before applying makeup, which must be adequate for the type of skin you have. If you don’t know type of your skin, first visit this page to identify your skin type. From now on you have to proceed with the makeup process.

Depending on the type of brown eyes, you have to consider:

Brown eyes with golden sparkles

Best shades for you to green, copper or terracotta liner is to be reddish brown, copper or terracotta and hazel foundation because usually women with this type of eye are light-skinned.

Brown eyes flashing green

Shadows that go great together with your eye color is purple, pink and green, the liner can be black or brown and the foundation of olive shade if your skin has this feature.

Brown eyes with black flashes

Give greater prominence to your look opt for shades of earth tones, even when the eyes of a neutral color, many varieties of colors you will be nicely as can be pink, gold, plum, blue, gray, etc. The black or brown eyeliner and foundation according to skin type you have.

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