How To Exfoliate Lips With Home Made Exfoliator

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If you want to have soft lips and remove all the cuticles in an easy, fast and inexpensive way, you can just use the dear grandmother’s old tricks for home made exfoliator. In fact it is not important to buy very expensive products to exfoliate your lips because you have the perfect lips using products which, of course, are already in your home.

A quick and easy way to exfoliate your lips is actually to clean them with a toothbrush to teeth with soft bristles (such as those for children). Moisten your lips with water to soften the ugly cuticles and avoid irritating your mouth while brushing with a toothbrush. Now clean the lips with gentle movements from the right and left about 2 minutes. When you realized that you are completely detached cuticle dabbed lips with a soft cloth and apply the cocoa butter to protect them.

A quick and easy way to exfoliate your lips is actually to clean them with a toothbrush to teeth with soft bristles

Another extremely simple and effective home made exfoliator is to execute a scrub. You can create your scrub in a few seconds thanks to the brown sugar and cocoa butter. If you have a liquid cocoa butter together just the same in a bag (or a teaspoon of brown sugar) and if you have the classic stick of butter cocoa cut a piece of the same with a pocket knife or a spatula, and wipe off the palm of hand and press with your fingers. Only when the cocoa butter is creamy, add the sugar. Now move your homemade lips scrub with fingertips running light and rotational movements for approximately 2 minutes. Rinse the lips and tamponatele with a towel.

If you are looking for another effective method with baking soda, then you can just take a teaspoon of baking soda with a little water and mix both. Once it becomes creamy to feel a bit sandy, apply the same on the lips or with your fingertips or with a soft brush. Brush your lips for 2 minutes and rinse thoroughly, careful when you brush your lips with baking soda, as the latter may be caught in the mouth and the taste is not at all pleasant, but if it does happen directly to the teeth with this mixture and rinse thoroughly (in fact, baking soda will also allow you to get the teeth clean and white). After the scrub with baking soda and having rinsed and buffered lips apply abundant cocoa butter to moisturize the same.

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