How To Dress for An Maturity or Graduation Oral Examination

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To successfully overcome the test of maturity or Graduation, the most important thing to take care is undeniably the study, but also the presentation and clothing are of some importance. Not so much during the written tests when you are sitting at a desk and students aesthetically blend with each other, as to the final oral viva voce exam at a time when the attention of the examining committee is intent on assessing individuals. In those forty minutes, in addition to the curriculum of the school year, the results of the tests already carried out, a good external order may predispose Commissioners to a positive attitude. How to dress then?

The first rule is not to deviate too much from the style always followed and to consider primarily the convenience

The first rule is not to deviate too much from the style always followed and to consider primarily the convenience. To give the best of yourselves you need to feel comfortable in the shoes worn and not think too much with them, experiencing their innovations on this occasion. The concentration must be given to demonstrate the most of what you have learned to communicate critical skills and keep a firm grip on the situation. If you always wear jeans it is useless to focus on a flounced skirt with high heels or suits and ties that bind chest and throat by increasing perspiration already stressed from the heat of June. Better to stay sober.

To give a good impression better to avoid the excesses and prefer the measure. Although it is already summer it would be desirable to avoid flip-flops or beach slippers, as well as shorts or tank tops or low-cut dresses groin just below the sternum or touch the sacrum. Polo shirt or shirts for boys and discreet T-shirt for girls are fine. Infuse is the first interview-examination preparatory to the many that will be. The committee will decide in a short time and pass judgment on you: do not put it to the test, but agevolatene the task. Introduce yourself dressed in a too eccentric or sought can affect you if you disclose in subsequent responses of genes, otherwise it can be understood that keep more to your look that the content they require, and conversely if you present with a slovenly appearance, without the presence of Commissioners bohemian, you could give the idea of having little interest in the appointment.

Exaggerated make-up and artificial hairstyles also does not militate in favor. Introduce yourself with your hair well washed and combed, the girls with light makeup gifts that provide security and freshness to the face, so as not to think about the sleepless nights trying to recover desperately did not study during the year.

Use light or pastel colors that predispose to dialogue relaxing and if you are superstitious wear at least one item that you send new confidence and enthusiasm at an unconscious level, too, a piece of red underwear can help give you the necessary power to assert yourself lucky. If you have a small object toy for lucky charms, bring it with you that will impart safety and familiarity helping to dispel the anxiety; and manicured and clean hands always generate a good impression, as well as a nice and beautiful smile. Leave backpacks, purses, mobile phones, water bottles and other items in custody of friends. Introduce yourself at the table with your term paper and tools for presenting it and especially with the seriousness and the preparation and now all to study!

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