How To Dress And Makeup On The First Date

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As many of you know, the first date determines the success of everyone else, a bit like the kiss, which is partly true, because if it goes bad it would be very difficult. So be quiet, now I will show you some tips on how to dress and how to wear makeup for that special moment.

Obviously, the preparation is a very subjective thing, taking different people together and making you wear the same clothes and applying all the rest does not mean that all are well. The make-up and clothing have always been one of the biggest problems for every woman. Here we give you a few tips on how to deal with this first day together and how to prepare. Consider your physique is very important, if you are strong, lean, high, low, remember, in emphasizing your strengths, not too forms, the men do not like you to come observed by anyone, be natural, as simple as possible.

The make-up and clothing have always been one of the biggest problems for every woman

Look at their eyes, so it must be highlighted with makeup the shape of your eyes, do not cover the face too, he likes the girl soap and water, it is not always the case, but one that is too smeared it certainly is not the maximum of his aspirations; without exaggeration it would be even better if it was very light, and these things look much simpler and more you will appreciate your beauty.

Now for clothing, remember that as a first exit you can not get in style evening at the embassy, but not too sexy and outrageous, you have to find a way in the middle, or just dress normally if you wish, a jeans and a cute t-shirt, go crazy for girls who show as they are quiet and do not form the look like many others just for show. But if you really want to go without fail and your intention is to keep him in his mouth open you could wear a pretty dress, not too short, and a nice heel, it would be better to choose the heel height according to your own, so you don’t feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.

Be spontaneous and natural until you meet the one who will take you for who you are and continue to be, and to be happy. Thank you all.

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