How To Curl Your Hair Without Straightener

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You want to curl your hair without the plate? You don’t know how to do it? In this guide you will find simple tips to make this task thanks to several tips (including a completely natural) and you can present your lambent curls without damaging your hair because of the plate!


As first you must dry your hair and place the foam, for curly or wavy depending on the type of your choice, or alternatively a curls cream using your fingers to apply, more recommended for a better success; then use the diffuser (plastic spout to add to phone) to dry the hair and you will have them curled and very beautiful. The speaker is an accessory that must be bought separately but is often used by those who own curly hair. The quality of the curls will depend on how you use the diffuser and especially by quality of foam that you purchase.

How to curl your hair

Hair Shampoo

As the second board you have to wash your hair with a specific hair shampoo which tend to frizz and use a conditioner for curly hair. Apply a small amount of Anti-Frizz fluid or flaxseed. Dry with the phone and apply disciplinary spray for curly or wavy hair. Comb your hair gently dry them again without completely dry. Now apply a volumizing not foam but creates curls, with the diffuser to dry the ends of the hair upside down in order to lift them and then head on to dry the main body of the hair and then the root.

The permanent is a viable alternative even if you cannot change your hair to your liking without unraveling the permanent (that has anyway a cost) the average cost is about 40 Euros but depends on permanent and hair length.

Using Gel

You can create also curly hair with gel. Excellent results are obtained by applying a small amount of gel to wet hair and then followed by blotting with a towel, dry them later without crumpling the hair with your hands so that the curls will open. If you want a wet look gel is the best product. It should be re-applied in small quantities on dry hair making the hair more polished as if it was wet.

Aloe gel

Aloe gel is completely environmentally friendly and is always used to make curly hair. Come applied as gel (previous step) but the diversity lies in fixing power. Aloe hydrates and disciplines your hair if applied before drying but can’t get extreme folds. To use so only on occasion.

Wrapping A Lock Of Damp Hair

At the time of our grandmothers, there were no plates and still had hair perfectly curly. How? Thanks to curlers! It is definitely a method that requires patience, but in the absence of the plate can come in really useful. Curlers using wrapping a lock of damp hair around it, then dry the hair with hot air of the phone. The rod may be more or less large in diameter and consequently the width will become more or less marked the Hedgehog that we will form. There are also the curlers springing, elastic straps rolled up in which he slips an underwire with a kind of hook that will be hooked to the strand to be put inside the clamp. Once deleted the underwire will curl at this point will be paraded the strands to be wonderfully curled in perfectly defined ringlets.

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