How To Create A Make Up For Making Eyes Away

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The trick to create a make up for a better look at all you can also act as a corrective function to any defect from the smallest to the largest. Today we will deal with how to create a make-up for distant eyes that will make the most eyes and make them seem less distant giving more harmony to the eye. You will see what the right techniques to make up the eyes and make them look closer together. This guide will help to correct this minor defect taking into account two things: the shape of the eyebrows and eye makeup.

trick for giving the makeup a better look at all you can also act as a corrective function to any defect from the smallest to the largest

Eyebrows have a very important role for correcting eyes away and then we start from their draw with giving her a beautiful shape filling the gaps, and shortening to the root of the nose with a pencil or a slightly lighter eyeshadow color from eyebrows doing this will reduce already a good distance. Let’s move on to the eye makeup, the first thing to do to last the make up longer is to pass a primer over the entire lower eyelid. Spread a cream colored eye shadow just below the eyebrow arch, this will serve to give more luminosity to the look and to rebalance the proportions.

Spread a light beige eyeshadow (clear ones enlarged while those dark eyes shrink) on the lower eyelid with brush. To make it look closer to your eyes darken the inside of the eye and then take a dark matte Brown eyeshadow for just above the clear eye inwards until it get close to the root of the nose and eyebrows. Apply well with the brush in order to create a slight shade, in fact thanks to this shadow you will get a nice optical effect and eyes seem less far between.

With the black eyeliner draw a thin line on the upper eyelid to the end of the eye without stretching out to have more intensity to the eyes with a black kohl pencil draw a line below the eye. Finally pass the mascara is in the upper lashes and the lower: this will serve to highlight the eyes and enhance your eyes.

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