How to combine makeup with hair color

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Often finding a makeup that you like and combine perfectly with your features and hair color, is often a challenge, as many times in the quest to improve your imperfections, you choose makeup that you do not feel quite right and the Instead, they are against the color of the dye you have chosen. Here are all the secret tips on how to blend makeup with hair color.

Makeup for shades of blond hair secret makeup tips

Makeup for shades of blond hair

In general, women who have blond or light brown, often have lighter skin. They allow refine facial features and look very pretty regardless of haircut. On these occasions it is best to choose cosmetics that provide soft colored, like the sun powder that allow a healthy way, carrying a tan, is be applied in the area of the forehead, nose, cheekbones and chin carefully.

The shadows that favor light hair are preferably those pearly or shiny finishes that bring light, and accept all the color palettes. As for blush, it is better to prefer those soft colors like beige or pink, and lip, the glitter and gloss, light colors fit perfectly as they provide emphasizing the size of them. What colors? Pink, fuchsia and peach are the favorites in this season.

Makeup for shades of brown and dark hair

The darker hair photo belong to medium skin types to brown, chestnut, mahogany, and even black, you can look perfectly well if you choose a face makeup. In this case, it is always best to choose a tone neutral foundation and then supplement with a lighter in areas where you want to bring light, especially on the chin, chin, and upper cheekbones. To accept the strong colors shadows that enhance the look, is fashionable today smokey eyes, but ranges of shades such as plum, mauve, gray, black complemented by pink, or blue, are perfect choices for this type of hair. The lips and rouge, not to look too made up, should be in shades of mauve, center punch, or claret, which will help highlight the features, without attracting too much attention.

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