How to Choose the Best Makeup Background

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The choice of makeup foundation is very important to get good results. Many times, the decision is complicated because each time more textures and beauty products appear. With a few simple tips, it is easy to choose the one that best suits each moment and need.

The advice for Choosing the Best Makeup Background

One of the last textures to reach the makeup market is the so-called cushion , which is distinguished by its sponge impregnated with makeup. It is a product that is ideal for all skin types and offers great coverage , as well as being an ideal solution for those looking for a light makeup and to be applied with great speed.

Keys to Choosing the Best Makeup Background

Another option there are powder makeup bottoms , which are more suitable for oily skins because they absorb it. Other points in favor of this texture is the possibility that offers to make retouching quickly and very simply.

Cream makeup bottoms are perhaps the traditional texture par excellence. Usually, they are better suited for the day because they have a more natural finish. However, within them there are different versions, which comprise from the most unctuous and greater coverage to cover imperfections to which they are more fluid and simply bring a touch of color. In this case, in your choice, you must always assess the needs you have to select the level of coverage you need.

And, finally, there are the make-up backgrounds on the bar . Although perhaps the most unknown and used, in reality, they are ideal and great allies when you have to erase or disguise imperfections . Its negative side, is that it is not suitable for mixed or oily skins because they have more concentration of oils than the rest of the formulas. However, if you have normal or dry skin remain a good solution. In addition, they are also easy to apply.

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