How to choose a pair of sunglasses

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The choice of sunglasses is always complicated. I do not understand why, but it is even more difficult than that of eyeglasses. Why? Simply because it is special frames designed to highlight the face or only certain characters. In order to adapt well to the type of face, the pair of sunglasses must be contrasted with the outlines. I will try to give you some useful advice on how to choose better eyeglasses.

Ideas and tips to choose a pair of sunglasses

As a general rule keep in mind that the frame should not be too large relative to the face. Based on the facial morphology it is said that if you have the square face with high forehead and jaw rather pronounced, with the glasses you will try to soften the square with frames round lenses and thin, small, oval, or teardrop shaped. If you have a rectangular face, the frame will be able to shorten the length of the face, which will have a narrow forehead and cheekbones neighbors. In this case it will fit narrow frames with large lenses, or with the horizontal line marked, preferably with the low bridge which tends to shorten the space between the forehead and nose.

If you have a triangular face you and a narrow jaw and wide forehead, the glasses must be able to put in evidence the eye area. It will be useful and important straight frames with wide temples and lenses in the form of cat eyes or butterfly. For the oval face, with low cheekbones and narrow forehead, you may have to try the frames that follow the curve of the eyebrows, though, with this type of face it will fit most frames, even those mask. The important thing is able to donate a certain harmony to the face.

If your face is round, with a high forehead and high cheekbones, the glasses must be able to lengthen the face will be perfectly fine horizontal frames with rectangular square lenses.

Once you have chosen the model must also pay attention to the color of the frame. It is advisable to consider the color of the skin and hair. If you have blonde hair is preferable to opt for dark colors like brown, green or blue instead. Avoid bright colors or silver. If your hair is brown or red it will be very beautiful natural colors, as well as brown, green and blue colors instead. Avoid too light, neutral blacks including transparent frames.

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