How do you get healthy skin and tone the facial skin

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The firmness can be retrieved using holistic treatments that include a diet rich in vitamins, protein, fiber and minerals, facial exercises and the application of masks and creams repair. As well, there are external treatments as mesotherapy and optionally the laser to stimulate production of collagen. The skin loses its firmness for several reasons, the main cause is age but are also about food, sun exposure, sudden weight loss, and even daily stress and environmental pollution. The ideal is to start treatment early and maintain a habit as time goes on, so that the face look young at any age.

How do you get healthy skin and tone the facial skin

Collagen is the primary responsibility for keeping the skin toned. However, their presence in the body tends to decrease with age or lack of care. That is why the new cosmetics include proteins designed to stimulate this crucial element in the tissue health. Similarly, this collagen injection make good deficiency point on the skin and their applications give the appearance of swelling, because the collagen itself is a kind of spring, which makes the skin tensioned.

Tone from the inside

For the body to be sure to make collagen, you must incorporate abundant sources of protein. A diet good for maintaining skin elasticity should include:

  • Nuts
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Cereals
  • Cheese, especially parmesan
  • Honey

In turn, these ingredients must be accompanied by one to two liters of water daily and herbal teas such as green tea, which assist in hydration and good looking skin.

The facial exercises to tone the skin should promote the exercise of all the muscles of the face. To them it is necessary to moisturize the skin with a cream.

Cheek Exercises: involves making an exaggerated smile, keep a few seconds and relax.

Exercises for crows feet: you place your index fingers to his head and mouth push down, stretching the entire area.
Exercises for the corner of his mouth with her hands pressing on the cheeks, mouth stretched down.

Toning external

The application of masks and anti-aging creams latest technology can work on toning the skin of the face.

Mask of honey and orange: easy, only two tablespoons of honey and two of orange juice. It is placed on the face and leave on for 20 minutes. Honey is very nutritious and provides bright orange.

Invigorating treatments: Mesotherapy, Radiofrequency and laser

Two treatments used to restore firmness to the face based on the stimulation of collagen. Mesotherapy uses fine needles that reach the dermis, the deepest layer of the skin, to inject nutrients and stimulate the fibroflasto, i.e. the cell that produces collagen.

Both the RF and the laser cosmetic treatments are more widely used to treat and prevent skin sagging and that by this application directly stimulates the synthesis and formation of new collagen.

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