How do you color hair to be a blonde without going to the stylist

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It has been said that blondes have more fun, or that gentlemen prefer with hair the color of sunshine. It may be true but what matters most when it comes to being blonde, either natural or bottle, is to have a healthy and beautiful hair. Read the following lines to know how do you color hair to be a blonde without going to the stylist?

How to be a blonde without going to the stylist

Many times the hair may be the letter of the woman. If the hair is nice and well kept, spoke very highly of you. However, a damaged hair, dry and dull can leave very bad off. And sometimes it is believed that only the stylist can fix this problem by investing large amounts of money at the salon, where some special products of good quality need to be used. Actually, yourselves can give a hand to your hair without spending money at hair dresser.

If you want to have blond hair, it is preferable to use quality dyes, such as qualified signatures are the dyes of L’Oreal, the Igora, Revlon and many more. If your natural hair color was dark discoloration is due prior to the dye penetrate and be more fixed. Similarly, once you have the desired color, you should start taking better care of each strand, using special shampoos for dyed hair as Redkin shampoo or Sebastian.

The hair should be moisturized more often and for it a moisturizing conditioner is the most suitable. You also have to stay away from hot air dryers because they tend to dry the hair and make it dull. Anyway it is suggested to visit to saloon once a month for moisturizing mask.

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