Uncomfortable shoes have high heels or not, they may increase the risk of arthritis in the joints

Foot problems caused by shoes

In heavy times fashion is not going hand in hand with health, especially when shoes it is. The greatest enemy known for our feet is the stiletto, but the dangers are not just in it, there are other more styles of shoes that can be harmful. Discover what are the common problems caused by the […]

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Many moms experience swelling during pregnancy

Preeclampsia: what it is and its symptoms

Many moms experience swelling during pregnancy, although it is somewhat standard, other times it’s a sign of preeclampsia, a potentially dangerous condition for both mother and baby. The preeclampsia, sometimes incorrectly called toxemia, is the term that is referred to hypertension (high blood pressure) with complications during pregnancy. It is a potentially fatal pregnancy condition. […]

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Laser technique for removing a simple, fast and safe

Treatments for Excessive sweating

The excessive sweating anywhere on the body is very annoying for anyone, even social or aesthetically. There are many causes that provoke physiological and may even be an indicator of disease. At least 2 or 3% of the world’s population are suffering and over the years are finding more and better remedies to solve or […]

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