High Heels: healthy tips for high heel lovers

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The high-heeled shoes are not to be stopped, since its emergence in the 50s, a fetish stands for female sensuality. Without doubt, the hands of eight, nine or ten inches look great, and no one aesthetic level does not match it. The thing is, used excessively, or having spinal problems present in women, heels tend to cause health problems in both the feet and back. What are the risks of using heel and how they can be countered?

Heels close: healthy tips for high heel lovers

Basically there are two factors considered risky than are present in the use of high heels. One is the instability, which can lead to ankle injuries, falls and poor posture. The second is the poor distribution of body weight, responsible, inter alia, of the painful bunions.


Habituation or prevention

Some women, after many years of wearing high heels, feel difficulty walking barefoot. Is that the tendon or Achilles heel has been long assumed that the elongation starts to get complicated nature. To not reach these extreme situations, there are some very important preventive measures for those who make high-heeled her daily transportation.

Limit the time of use of heel: if you know you’ll be a while away from home and leave with the plugs on, do not forget to save in your wallet some flat sandals for use with sandwich tacos, or if you have to go out walk or run errands.

Use different heights taco: the maximum height recommended for tacos is 6 inches. Anyway, is absolutely forbidden to use and always high heels all the time, even if they exceed the standard height. You have to rotate the use of shoes every day, using low shoes, slippers, chatitas, etc.

Time to shop: The best time to buy high heels is the sunset after a day’s work, as it is time when the foot reaches its greatest swelling.

What shoes to buy in pursuit of health: the ideal is to have the last wide, which are soft leather and are lined with a material to make kinder the situation of the foot. Moreover, always choose shoes with good support. Moreover, it is important that the shoe is secured to the foot.


How to counter the inconvenience

Pads feet can be achieved in shoe stores and pharmacies, that are used to alleviate pain in the use of the heeled shoe.

Visit a podiatrist to assess how the shoe should be according to your type of foot-Egyptian, Greek, Polynesian.

Massage and stretching, after a day of high heels, soak your feet in warm salt water for ten minutes, after which massage the painful areas in a circle.

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