Healthy Hair: bad and good habits

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A healthy hair is synonymous with beauty, nothing changes over the appearance of a woman who exudes a mane that vitality, shine and softness. But that is only achieved based care, as there is no magic formula hair care you can with the habits adequate, but especially with the record.

what is good for the hair

So it is a matter of taking into account also what not to do on hair. It is rooted customs, many women have long term and are fatal to look that healthy hair to which we referred.

It is good practice to wash your hair every other day. Thus, do not remove the natural lubrication that is best suited to the hair fiber to stay healthy. If your hair is oily, then use specific products. And with regard to washing, do not rub the towel on the head to dry hair. It damages the hair fiber and is also very bristly. The best way is to press gently to dry with a towel.

If after washing, it costs you detangle hair horrors, it is that you are using the wrong comb, and too thin. It turns out that some hairs are cut, which translates into a huge unmanageable frizz and hair damage. It is good to invest in a product of good quality, brush, tires or wide-tooth comb to untangle smoothly and effortlessly. It is easier if unravels with conditioner since then combed hardly need to get it ready.

It is time to dry. Many women spend just the dryer you do not mind, and leave the rest of the hair to dry naturally. It is the worst thing you can do if you want to avoid the damn frizz. Again, you must invest in a good dryer with nozzle to seal the hair cuticle. And nothing very warm. An air just warm enough, and ends to seal cold air.

In the same vein, the planchette should be left for the weekend or special occasions. Nothing is more damaging to hair use daily. It is necessary to use space, for long-term effects on the hair are irreversible. And never stop applying a thermal protector before use, apply to damp hair either – unless it is a model that allows it, but then neither would be abused.

Get used to cut at least an inch every three months the tips you need for hair to be healthy. If you like long hair, be patient and do not stop cutting the tips even slightly.

Watch out for rubbers, pins and other hair products to collect, use them consistently produces damage and marking. Better wear loose everything you can, and buy products that are not as aggressive.

It is good practice to pass the brush through hair daily, and it help spread the natural oil from the scalp, which is what more shine and protection given to the fiber.

If you are to be in the sun, under any circumstances, it is better to shelter the hair under a hat or scarf, or in any case, apply creams or serums with sunscreen. Like skin, hair needs protection from harmful sun rays.

Finally, bad habits that undermine your health, they will do to your hair. Mainly, poor food, snuff and excess take their toll on a dull, lackluster hair. The more fruits and vegetables you consume, the more vitamins to your hair will shine. Do not forget to have proteins, seeds, and drink plenty of water. Zinc, for example, helps to prevent falls. It is found in wheat bran and any products baked with whole wheat flour in wheat germ, beef, oysters and seafood in general, in algae, in nuts, seeds and beef liver.

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