HBO anti-aging treatment: what is and what benefits have

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The Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) involves the supply of oxygen to pure pressure greater than atmospheric. To perform the delivery, it is imperative to have an enclosed area with special conditions that can be pressurized, this area is called a hyperbaric chamber. Hyperbaric chambers are known and used since the seventeenth century. Since then a number of discoveries and well-documented scientific studies have laid the foundations of hyperbaric oxygen. It is a therapeutic procedure that was initially used for the treatment of diving accidents and for a long time this was his best-known application.

HBO anti-aging treatment what is and what benefits have

Both aging natural and induced stress or the sun are associated with a decrease in oxygen levels. The perpetrators of this aging are, among others, substances that absorb the chemically aggressive environment: ultraviolet radiation and air pollution, which lead to the formation of so-called “free radicals”. To fight them, we must increase the strength antioxidant in the body. The hyperbaric chamber offers another option for this, stimulating the generation of antioxidants themselves, unlike the antioxidants consumed orally, appear directly on the site where needed.

Some doctors believe that treatment revitalizes the body of the elderly. The skin is toned and reduces sagging and wrinkles as it increases production of collagen. Many refer to general well-being, sleep more soundly and not get tired as much. The nails and skin also seem brighter and more vital.

Benefits of hyperbaric chamber:

  • Tone the skin.
  • Reduce the sagging and wrinkles.
  • Increase strength antioxidant in the body.
  • Improves performance physical, psychological and sexual.
  • Helps slow down aging .
  • Reduce stress .
  • Welfare general.
  • Helps you sleep better.
  • Increased synthesis of collagen .
  • Restoration of mitochondrial respiratory chain.
  • Optimization of the cell metabolism.
  • Restoring the balance intra-and extracellular.
  • Facilitates the entry of calcium.
  • Indications that HBO therapy is considered first-order
  • Diving accidents.
  • Accidents decompression and lung overexpansion.
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Delays in healing (diabetic foot).
  • Gas gangrene and necrotizing soft tissue infections.
  • Sudden deafness.
  • Occlusion of the central retinal artery.
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