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Stylish and cool are quintessential all updos, ideal for any time of day and on every occasion as they give for something more casual and sloppy or super careful and flawless look if you try to use at work or an event. The classic bun is typically used by dancers, because it takes all the hair and binds up high to leave the face exposed giving center stage. There are several ways to do to go changing the style with detail and very easy reach of all. In this note we present different styles of collected “ballerina” and how to make them.

Put some oil or product for shine and hair structure

The French term chignon or bun “Lisse Laqué” , is the name given to the collected dancer, so characteristic to be low, neat and structured, with the idea that highlight the feminine features of women. This type of hairstyle never go out of style and can always adapt to various styles, sweet and romantic to make it look delicate, twisted to give descontracturado touch, a little loose so that it looks more rock or stylized to be sophisticated. The base is always the same because it is part of the very coiffed hair and then binds conventionally or with some touches to make it a little different and can vary within the same hairstyle.

Making the collected

Always start with the very clean and dry hair.
Put some oil or product for shine and hair structure. Always apply evenly throughout the hair.
Then make a side parting and comb the hair back, leaving no loose strand. Then wrap the hair and make a polished and perfectly set bun (not raise too impeller).
The perfect ballerina, collected must be located right at the nape of the neck, to achieve a balance between face and hair.
If any loose hair is very short because it is well worth using invisible to fix clips.
To finish the hairstyle apply lacquer that offer an improved, long lasting, with a soft and smooth to the touch still shine hairstyle. You must make this quite firm and neat.

The basis of the collected but is this the end of the impeller is what may shift to combine with other styles. It may be the torzado hair , which must be pre-picked, also with a braid to make it soft and romantic, shredded at the tip and dry hair for a casual hairstyle and fall a little in the lower part of the neck .

Termination can also be applied with some extra either a bun made with tape, a brooch with glitter and color or even inlaid stones and rhinestones that are invisible buckle. The more daring can even beat up a touch of spray with very subtle shimmer to give something extra to the hair and make it the great highlight.

Based on how it is done hairstyle “Ballerina Style” can leave the face, rings or dress like protagonist of the look or can also be picked himself who has precedence over the rest, here then is key completion and accessories he added.

The feminine and neat this hairstyle is key to give that style so polished and elegant that many seek to order some hair or picked when very long. This style has no age and always kept current.

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