Hairstyles app for iphone with 270 styles of haircuts and hairstyles

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One of the dilemmas of women is to choose a haircut or hairstyles, since there are many uncertainties about how it will look finally the new look, and if it will benefit from the change. Hairstyles app for iphone make it easy for fashion lovers.

That is why the new technologies tend a hand and offer cell phone applications to simulate the change of style in the head. Taking a photo, let see how will the final result, after passing through the hands of your hairdresser.

Applications for your cuts and hairstyles

Hairstyle is one of the most popular phone application available for iPhone. It has about 270 styles of haircuts and hairstyles to try, and you can try 53 different hair colors. You can see how you hair is short, long, wavy, straight. You simply take a picture with your camera phone and testing it all looks.

Even Hairstyles app for iphone lets you use pictures of Facebook, posted on your wall. Thus proving you can have fun looks to your friends. This app also adds tips for choosing the hair style according to your face and you most favor, it also provides useful information on hairstyles, updated constantly.

If you have an Android, you can also find several applications similar to that described above, this is the case of Hair Change. Similarly, working with a photo taken with the same phone, and works trying new hair styles for both women and men. You can choose different looks, divided into Short, Medium, Long and Wedding Hairstyles. You can also try out some colors, though not much choice: black, red, green or blue.

With the commands of the device is possible to accommodate the face hairstyles, hairstyles exchange, and add details such as hats or tiaras, even clothes. That’s why – basically – is a tool for fun.

In the case of BlackBerry, there are also similar applications. Discuss the example of Virtual Hair, an application similar to those mentioned. With the commands you can adjust your hairstyles to your face in length and height, also move it into place. It includes 34 styles for men and women. You can also change the hair color.

If you do not get along so well with your phone, then you can search the Internet, where many similar platforms that allow virtually change your look. One of them – very full indeed – is that of Virtual Beauty Salon Marie Claire Magazine. Highly detailed and realistic, it allows you to try – for example – cut and color that you love a celebrity. Start up a picture of you on the site, preferably with clear facial hair and a light background. Then you can experiment with different colors, cuts and hairstyles, makeup also. A complete makeover in minutes, so no surprises

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