Hairstyles and fashion trends 2011-2012

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70s are back! This season spring/summer 2011-2012 offers the most fun options hairstyles with a renewed round rock styles and looks more disheveled.

Would you like to wear the hairstyles fashion? It’s time to encourage you to return to the ‘70s, sporting the natural volume of your hair, or helping a little with some styling products. There are also some trends for the most timid display styles they prefer something more discreet.

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If you want to know and begin to look and trendy hairstyles, make sure you read this article, with offerings for every taste but a clear style retro. Follow our tips to look beautiful and modern without having to go through your coiffeur.


Frizz and high volume

Those who like the rock, should be encouraged to this typical hairstyle of the ‘70s. The most important trend is the frizz with a lot of volume. If you have curls, you will not be difficult to achieve this effect using your brush against the grain (with smooth to avoid damaging).


Movement and curls, also with volume

If you are a do not know how to lower the volume of your curls, this year be rejoicing because it will be much easier to fashion styling. And if not, you just have to give some movements with the hair dryer to increase the volume. The manes are one of the most watched hairstyles this season.


Very romantic

We continue to see this year another classic hairstyles 70’s. Whenever you want to look good romantic, you should wear your hair straightening and side bangs. Also, remember to use the side part to enhance the effect. Accessories such as ribbons and flowers look great with this hairstyle. You can use it with the hair or loose side ponytail.



The effect disheveled will be another looks seen this season. Use bows and ponytail, but avoid looking disheveled and symmetry. A hairstyle quite how to use during the day. Remember accessories combine it with a shiny silk or if you use it at night.


Wet Effect

If you are up to these hairstyles with volume or disheveled appearance, you can decrease the volume of your hair with products in order to humid effect. Use them to make a soft curls and achieves a more relaxed look while still being fashionable. This hairstyle is easy to perform and to obtain a neat hairstyle without going to the peluqería Cheer up!

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