Hair Styling Wax: the look and tips to apply

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The modeling wax for hair is a product that has been used for many years to style your hair. The application of hair wax to create different hairstyles, hair defined and grouped in clumps.

At present there are many types of hair styling wax products, as is the popular soft wax or aerosol wax, but the main uses are more or less the same and the choice of each depends on the result to be obtained.

In this post I show how to use hair wax for modeling depending on the type of hairstyle, pay attention:

Defining a hairstyle
Take a small piece of soft wax on your finger or wax spray some hair spray on.

Work the product into the hands as if you were washing. Then distribute the product on the hair so giving report and see how the hairstyle.

Work the product into the hands as if you were washing

For a tousled look
Dry your hair with hair dryer and apply the wax making sure to spread it well. Give volume to the hair with your fingers.

If necessary you can do this step in different layers of the hair to create a more marked effect combing “unkempt”.

Do not brush your hair and let it air dry the product, do not use dryer.

Look Elegant
Dry your hair, hair smoothed and divided by sector. Go winding each strand in a round brush, applying wax spray and let dry a few seconds, take another strand of hair and repeat until finish.

With a wide tooth brush seen separating the hair with wax, do it gently and see defining hairstyle.

Wet Look
Apply the wax to damp hair, then blow drying to add volume and texture to hair and go!

Fine straight hair
Dry hair thoroughly and make blow dry, apply some spray or soft wax hair in sections and use the iron to smooth the locks and get a smooth finish without frizz.

Wavy hair
Apply the wax on wet hair, do not dry them. Go braiding damp hair and let it air dry, once ready disarms braids and waves have been looking for.

As you can see, using wax for hair modeling is very simple, you just have to remember to work it well in hand before applying it and never use too much product.

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