Modern Laser treatment as hair reconstructor

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When the hair is going through its worst there are certain things you can do to improve it, such as masks, serums, keratin baths, heat nutrition and even take multivitamins. But if all this is not working, there is a quick and effective way to recover through the laser hair reconstructor.

Laser as a treatment for hair reconstructor

So far all that is known in laser hair therapy was to stimulate the scalp, promoting blood circulation to the hair follicles and thus stimulate growth. The follicles were given a greater amount of nutrients and by light, began the process of cell repair for the hair follicle has more volume and allow the growth of new hair strong and healthy.

Mostly used by men or women suffering from alopecia, even stimulators are made for home, but the objectives are to strengthen hair to grow.

For repair then created reconstructive laser therapy, which through a low level laser device treats and restores hair in just one application.
The Laser Therapy combined three actors:

  1. Low intensity laser makes reconstructor
  2. active ingredients that generation (Deep Therapy)
  3. scrub the scalp with diamond dust (Scalp Therapy).

1) Laser reconstructor

The laser facilitates the penetration of the active principles in the areas that are most damaged hair and simultaneously combines and integrates the active principles already containing the hair naturally concentrates Deep Therapy.

2) Concentrate active 2-Deep Therapy

Blazing-fast is a concentrate nourishes, repairs and strengthens hair immediately. Its oil-based formula (keratin, collagen and elastin), proteins, antioxidants, minerals and trace elements, go to hair nutrition.

3) Exfoliating Scalp Therapy

Is a exfoliating scalp clean diamond dust skin intensely and follicle, favoring oxygenation. It also incorporates essential oils to hydrate and penetrate deep into the scalp and also nourish the hair root.
It is the first thing that stands in treating dry hair and massaging gently.

Application of Laser Therapy

After exfoliating, rebuilder laser is used in each section of hair. According to the length and quantity this may take more or less.
Then wash your hair to remove traces of the exfoliant and all leftover debris. Finally nutrients are placed in each strand of hair massaging to allow penetration. He left a few minutes and concludes acting therapy washed and combed final.

The goal of laser therapy is to protect the hair fiber, strengthen and prevent hair breakage, restore integrity, improve elasticity and strength in all areas. Furthermore, as the hair is nourished and hydrated, eliminating frizz and hence hairstyles look better and last longer.

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