Hair, body and facial treatment with capacitive radio frequency

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The capacitive RF is a cell saver is used for treatment of thermotherapy using high frequency currents also called capacitive diatermina.


The thermal effect is that causes the molecules to jostle and rub them together to create the fabric where the waves are being applied, increase in temperature.


Hair, body and facial treatment with capacitive radio frequency


This heat causes venous and arterial capillaries to dilate, which consequently promotes cell nutrition and tissues, as well as the removal of organic wastes and toxic catabolic affect the body.


Moreover, the heat causes a cell regeneration and is an anti radical free reason that after each session, the skin is better looking and quality, as if it had undergone a facelift. The capacitive RF is used for many technical treatment is indicated for facial hair, body and is also widely used in Physical Therapy and Kinesiology for power which has soothing and anti-inflammatory.


Beauty treatments are made with radiofrequency capacitive:


Facial :

Reduce wrinkles

Lifting non-invasive

For deep cleansing of the skin

Reaffirmation of superficial tissues

Skin hydration and revitalization

Control of sebum in oily skin, acne and sebaceous

Anti-age treatments because it slows the aging

To balance the skin color


Body :

To tone the breasts and / or buttocks

Combat sagging skin

To diminish the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite fight

Rejuvenate skin contact areas like elbows, knees and plant the foot

Reduce or eliminate scarring in some cases



Hair :

Alopecia areata

Hair loss

Control of seborrhea

Physiotherapy using radiofrequency capacitive:

To relieve muscle spasms

In cases of tendinitis

To relieve the discomfort of bursitis

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