Gucci launched its elegant Resort 2013 campaign

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Gucci has launched its new elegant Resort 2013 campaign, it is a collection of full of elegance and style to look splendid during the days and warmer nights.

To create this collection, the Italian firm has inspired in the energy of the sunny days and all the fun choices that come with them. The resort’s Gucci collection brings a lot of wonderful ideas that are worth taken into account when assembling the summer wardrobe.

Gucci and its elegant Resort 2013 campaign

Gucci proposes a world full of color and luxury accessories, combos made simple but gorgeous. The clothes and accessories were created in nice colors cakes which were cleverly combined with neutral tones, flexible hats and sassy dresses, among other things.

Without a doubt, Gucci has created pieces of lust worthy to enjoy activities outdoors and also during the labour or elegant and formal events. This resort 2013 collection is the result of the combination of elegance and comfort, that feel good everyone who knows how to look stylish.

In addition to the cake, the animal print is also present, because despite being trend is a way to add bold into creations that exude sophistication. This predominates in Accessories, maxi bags and purses, which gives excellence and femininity.

Gucci and its elegant Resort 2013

On the other hand, the focal points of the line are undoubtedly romantic wide-brimmed hats, flat and comfortable sandals, carved ultra feminine suits in pastel shades, some very impressive sunglasses and even jewelry such as necklaces which complement any look effortless.

Dresses also deserve a special mention, both cocktail shorts and the longer, more formal decorated with important details of precious stones in different colors for major events.

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