Four must-use oils for perfect hair with Kérastase

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The leading brand in caring for the hair, Kerastase, has an oil-in an instant treatment will leave your hair very silky and shiny, also fresh from the salon beauty.

Four oils for perfect hair with Kérastase

Elixir Ultime, is the first treatment designed for all hair types and use at any time of day. While its essence is based oils leaves the hair greasy and its effect is long lasting.

Four oils for perfect hair with Kérastase

The secret is in the technology-complexe oil, mixing essential oils: corn, Pracaxi, Argan and Camelia, that will make your hair as you always dreamed of with a minimal amount of product.


Four precious oils

Corn germ: high emollient and antioxidant properties that protect and provide flexibility to the hair. It is rich in omega 6, ideal for treating dry hair.

Argan Oil: This is the liquid gold of Morocco, is extracted from the fruits of a tree and Berber women used extensively for its regenerative properties, anti-aging effect that repairs the hair fiber providing softness to hair.

Pracaxi Oil: Extracted from the seeds of a tree in the Brazilian Amazon, is an ingredient conditioner that controls volume and protects from moisture. Provides nutrition to the hair and intense shine.

Camellia Oil: This oil is ancient Chinese origin, rich in fatty acids, vitamin E and other antioxidants that silk effect on hair.


Four moments of your hair

Before washing, regenerating instantly nourishes the hair.


Placing the palm nuts 1 or 2 product. Apply to scalp and massage. Spread evenly over means and ends. On damp hair, combing easier to spread it throughout the hair. Before the hair, softens and protects the fiber.

Application: Placing the palm nuts 1 or 2 product. Apply over the entire length of the hair, focusing on the most damaged areas. For a perfect finish, combined with the use of iron, seals and smooth the ends giving the appearance of healthier hair and care. As a final touch, provides an instant shine and can be used daily.

Use: Placing the palm nuts 1 or 2 product. Apply on hair length have an impact on the most damaged areas, avoiding the root. Makes smooth and seal the ends.

Elixir Ultime, a new beauty gesture Kérastase that cleans the hair and scalp of impurities and prepare for implementation of the bathroom.

Its innovative powerful blend of oils and active ingredients adds shine, softness, strength and flexibility with full lightness. Your hair will be stronger and protected from external aggressions.

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