Foundation formulas: a solution for the most common problems

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The foundation formulas are increasingly sophisticated and yet it is not always easy to get the basic nice and smooth to apply. This may be due to an incorrect product selection, but also to your skin type that is constantly changing. Below we propose the most common problems addressed.

solution for the most common problems of foundation troubleshooting

The foundation takes no more

You swear by a make-up product for months, maybe even years, doing well. But then suddenly “grabs” the foundation anymore. It seems that your skin does not want. The solution is a good (but delicate) scrub and nourishing mask. Can you still not the foundation beautifully smooth to apply, then it is time to switch to another product. Actually, it is always better for different situations and moments of different products at hand. Each circumstance requires a different, specific product. Variation is the key word (like creams and shampoos).

The Foundation makes pores visible

With the passage of years, the pores of the skin often get coarser and larger. A foundation – especially if you opt for an opaque formula – can accentuate the pores. You can camouflage through the pores before you apply the foundation, a pore minimizer to use. A pore minimizer covers the pores as it were with a thin film and is an ideal base for your daily foundation.

The foundation covers not good

Your skin is constantly changing. Sometimes traumatize the skin and exhibits these pimples or more spots than usual (this is particularly true if you suffer from rosacea). It may happen that the foundation no longer covers. In such cases is you should use a thick layer of foundation. Especially accentuate your pimples just because a lot of makeup to use. What is to do? Pimples work your way with a camouflage stick that you only use for pimples (so very ‘local’ make). Then bring your foundation as usual. In case of red spots (rosacea) you can before you apply the foundation, an undercover use. This is a special product that again under the foundation is used and that the red color was slightly weakens. Cosmetic houses such as Chanel and mac have ‘under-covers’ included in the collection. The advantage of an undercover observation is that the foundation is very easy to make. Actually it is a must for everyone.

The foundation is too light

Not always you have the same hue, you have only just sit in the sun and we colors. Your usual foundation is suddenly too light. In this case you can cheeks, the sides of your forehead and the tip of your nose and chin up with a bronzing powder. This gives you instant access to your back healthy tan.

The foundation is too dark

Is your foundation is too dark you can fix this by a colorless powder over the foundation to apply. Do you not at home, then gently pat some talcum powder on your foundation.

The foundation smears

Not always leaves a foundation easy to apply. To prevent staining, it is best – before you apply the foundation – apply a moisturizer on your face, immediately after you bring the foundation. You can also use your hand a little foundation with moisturizer mix. You have, as it were a colored moisturizer (note: the color will be less intense than the ‘pure’ foundation). Do not have a moisturizer on hand, clean the pad of your foundation carefully moist. The foundation will be better on your skin ‘glide’. Another effective means is the ‘undercover’ which you have already mentioned.

The foundation accentuates wrinkles

In this case, you are probably using too much foundation in the ‘ripple zones’. Especially solid powder foundations accentuate wrinkles (you get the quarrel effect, cracked porcelain), while liquid foundations tend to fill the lines so that the foundation is in the wrinkles and accumulates it (again) accentuates. The solution: use wrinkled areas (around the eyes and mouth) to minimize foundation. To smooth the complexion of your face to keep you typically want to lightly “highlight” of these areas with a sponge with little makeup that with a few drops of water or lotion dampened.

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