Flat stomach after caesarean section: exercises and tips

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New moms who have given birth to her children by caesarean section are concerned surely regain a flat stomach. Taking into account the need to allow time for recovery and physical appearance is not the similar to prior of this stage of life, however it is possible to have a flat stomach after caesarean section.

But you can not overlook that a cesarean is major surgery, in which the abdominal tissues have been opened. It is important to wait long enough that the healing is complete before starting to exercise this abdominal muscles.

Flat stomach after caesarean section

It is the obstetrician indicated to determine the status of each patient during the postpartum period, and who ultimately will be discharged and say when to start dieting and exercising. Generally, they must spend at least six to eight weeks before starting the weight loss plan and exercise, which also must be adapted to the situation of the new mother, for example, if you are breastfeeding diet should not be so restricted and begin to be very gentle exercises until your abs gain strength again without injuring them.

Some women feel more comfortable and confident using postpartum abdominal belts when they return to resume the exercises, because they feel that supports it. Use immediately after surgery helps the tissues back into place more easily. Stockings or strips also help to support and sustain the stomach, and women who use them often feel better about their overall appearance after delivery.

Patience is the key to retrieve the abdomen after a caesarean. No results are achieved from one day to another. A balanced diet and from pregnancy to avoid upload more kilos of recommended, is the first step. Continue healthy eating once the baby is born, is the second step. Breastfeeding, as well as being extremely beneficial to the creature, implies a caloric expenditure that helps the mother regain her weight. And exercise is the fourth pattern to regain optimal weight.

Aerobic exercises like walking or biking are excellent for weight loss. In a second stage, you can start doing pelvic floor exercises to help the body recover from pregnancy and at the same time, lower abdominals working smoothly. In the third stage, you can begin very gradually to perform abdominal exercises. It is essential to tell the fitness instructor who is in a postpartum and had cesarean that. Thus, little by little begin to exercise in that area. The hipopresivos exercises and technique of Pilates are very kind to the muscles and prevent injury.

The time it takes to be well again, different for every woman, if she exercised before pregnancy, age, number of pregnancies. But in the short or long term, improvements can be achieved, appropriate to each body and situation.

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