Fashion trends which can be harmful to health

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Dress with style and glamour can make us pay the price. Fashion trends can be harmful to health, some accessories, clothing and customs have the disadvantage of creating us problems or aggravate symptoms of existing conditions.

In this post I tell you the fashion trends that can affect your health so you can avoid them and look so beautiful and healthy.

The wrong size Bras

Many women face health problems caused by the use of a wrong size bra. This garment that seems so innocent may be the cause of problems of posture and the consequent backache, headache and even indigestion pains.

The wrong size bra can cause a lot of problems of health, when it becomes too tight, can cut the circulation of the lymphatic system, increasing the risk of developing breast cancer.

The use of high heels too often is completely harmful for health

Cheap clothes

Dress with the best does not always is accessible, but you must also take into account that the cheap clothes may present significant risks to health. Greenpeace found that less expensive fabrics often contain substances harmful to the human being.

Low cost bags usually contain high levels of lead, and cheaper garments can also have dangerous substances such as the nonyl phenol and other chemicals that have been linked to the onset of cancer.

The use of high heels

The use of high heels too often is completely harmful for health, and the problems caused are not limited only to the feet. The use of more than 5 cm every day heels can have serious effects on the position and generates important damage to knees, hips and back.

Prolonged use of these shoes also can shorten the twins, and cause muscle spasms (cramps).

Abuse of the belts

Like high heels, girdles are not meant to be used daily or for long periods of time. Even if the correct size is used and do not cause discomfort.

The belts when used for a long time can compress the stomach, especially if it has it is when eating. Besides pain and muscle discomfort, also is a risk of damage to the nerves and suffer from chronic pain if you wear shapewear too tight for a long time.

On the other hand, the belts are responsible for skinproblems, since they accumulate moisture and keeping it pressed against the skin, which can cause rashes and even infections by fungi.

Cheap jewelry

While it is not necessary to spend a fortune on designer jewelry, yes it should be avoided which are ultra cheap or “plate” (so fashionable lately). This type of jewelry tends to have high levels of lead, as well as other carcinogens and toxins.

Use flip flops

Like high heels, flip flops they do is force the foot to an uncomfortable position. This type of footwear does not offer support for the Arch of the foot and their thin soles to be do not absorb impact as you walk like shoes.

The use of flip flops on the beach is safe, but when they become a shoe that is used every day is not anything good. Flops abuse can cause problems in the ankle, blisters on the feet and deformations in the finger (claw toes).

Heavy earrings

Big earrings may be impressive, but when they are too heavy begin to damage the ear lobes. This causes time cutting them, especially in the case of the rings with hook intern.

Tight clothing

Tight clothing is harmful, but so are ties or very tight collars, they also bring health problems.

Clothing much tightening the neck creates respiratory problems, but at the same time can have a negative effect on the blood circulation to the brain, increasing the chances of suffering from glaucoma and cancer.

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