Fashion iridescent for this spring/summer 2013-2014

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But for this spring/summer 2013-2014, adds something more colorful, where what counts is the reflection and with different base colors. It is holographic and iridescent materials in accessories but also in clothes, with the idea of adding more fun to the daily look.

The prismatic rainbow effect causing iridescent prints are the new fashion hit coming. These add a touch of whimsy to the classic metallic and colorful. Usually silver or gold based and reflections in shades of pink, purple, green and blue. There are also bright whites who are more sober and more versatile to wear on the day.

The shimmering clothes or accessories also give a futuristic touch to the look and fit everything: clothes, shoes, handbags, belts, glasses. The key to using them is never all together, rather just a detail that will be the main highlight in the outfit. As capture attention immediately, preferably used at night and combined with a single color. Also according to age may be restricted, because they tend to be for young girls who would use up on your feet. For someone more classic best is a clutch that can go on any occasion without being too flashy.

The great designers were the drivers of this trend in spring-summer catwalks of Europe

The great designers were the drivers of this trend in spring-summer catwalks of Europe. Even in very classic brands like Louis Vuitton and Burberry were showing far garments like skirts and jackets hologram effect. Meanwhile Dior took to the catwalk wearing daring dresses whole and in various shades.

The big bet was Stella McCartney who adapted all their clothes to this material and leading to something more casual and less night. His idea was to take a step ahead of the typical neon marking the summer and that the light now reflects giving color and iridescent effects.

To all these great designers joined the low cost brands department store with clothes and accessories of this type (H & M, Zara, etc..) well designed for use only in addition always accompanied by transparencies and laminated textures. The secret is to use only one piece combined with cool colors like blue or white that will give fresh summery touch. If not both then encouraged to mix with classic black be foolproof to make modern attire.

The hologram effect will be everywhere making a new fashion and adaptable fun playing with the reflection of light and transforms all garments in multi-colored objects. This detail is ideal because it opens up a great range of infinite possibilities to make combinations. Do not stay out of the trend and go for it in some detail in the accessories or at least nail polish to shine at all times.

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