Facial Massage to remove wrinkles

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There are many ways to fight the passage of time. Just the facial massage to remove wrinkles are the subject regards to this post. It is a painless and effective method to reduce and prevent wrinkles.

This technique is effective against aging because massage movements help to stimulate circulation, promoting the exchange of nutrients and elimination of waste and toxins. In turn, precisely to stimulate circulation distends areas where wrinkles have emerged.

The facials tighten and lift up the muscles of the face, help remove dark circles, release endorphins, making drainage thereby reducing swelling while leaving the skin much smoother and fresher.

This technique is effective against aging because massage movements help to stimulate circulation

Facial Massage Techniques: Circular massage method

This is a very effective method to remove wrinkles. To do this you should clean your face with cleansing milk and rinse thoroughly. You can use your regular moisturizer to do the massage, but never use a product that has oil, especially if you have acne-prone skin.

Massage the areas most vulnerable to wrinkles (forehead, cheeks, mouth), with gentle circular motions for about 20 minutes.

Method cherished

This is another quick and easy to do massage for wrinkles, also stimulates blood flow and strengthens the skin.
Lean forward slightly and caresses your face with the underside of the fingers. Continued for 15 to 20 seconds.

Massage and hydration

This massage is a very easy and no problem can be incorporated into the daily routine of skin hydration.
To do this you can use a moisturizing lotion or natural essential oil, such as jojoba oil or apricot seed (dry skin only).

Steps to follow:

Pour the oil into the palm of your hand and rub gently.

Slowly slide your hands up along the cheekbones until the bottom of the palms reach the temples. Do this massage for 1-2 minutes.

Then, rubbing a hand over his forehead, as if following a horizontal line, changing direction with each hand. Do this for a minute. To finish, place your thumb under the chin and gently massage up and down.

Acupressure for wrinkles

Possibly the best massage technique for wrinkles. The main facial acupressure points are located at the inner edge of the orbits of the eyes, the inner ends of the eyebrows, on the forehead, the side of the nose and right under the nose.

An acupressure facial massage involves pressing these key points on the face to stimulate the circulation of blood, oxygen and energy flow.

Massage for wrinkles around the mouth

Zigzag: Place one hand on each cheek and make a massage of the skin around the mouth with zigzag movements.

Rising fast: put your hands around the chin and Elevala a light and fast movement.

Massage for wrinkles in the neck

Knuckles: Using the knuckles, massage the upper chest, shoulders and neck, working with small circular movements.

Kneading: With a flick of kneading, massaging the skin of the upper chest, shoulders and neck. You have to use your fingers and thumb, pushing up.

Face lifting movements

Inspired Yoga: Simhasana pose is a very effective way to strengthen the muscles of the face.

To carry it out, stand in a kneeling position, with your back straight and your hands on your knees.

Slowly open your mouth and let loose tongue. As you exhale, stretch your tongue out as much as possible, keep it in the same position, holding your breath, open your eyes, revealing teeth.

The key to these movements is in the name: you have to make the expression of a “roaring lion”. Try to hold the pose as long as you can, then release and repeat the same steps.

General tips for facial massage

The best time of day to make a facial anti-wrinkle is first thing in the morning, in order to stimulate circulation and reduce swelling.

Each time you do a facial has to be soft because the skin of the face is very delicate. Always use a lotion or moisturizer and avoids the area under the eyes.

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