Facial hair removal, hair removal techniques and aftercare

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The canons of beauty promote clean, soft and angelic female beauty. The facial hair are totally condemned, so it creates many complex, since many women have them in the jaw, chin, eyebrows or excess above the lips.


The varying appearance depends on the amount of hormones that produce hair. The problem is finding the right method for each type of woman.


Facial hair removal, hair removal techniques and aftercare


There are several important factors in selecting the best method for you. For example, skin type, lifestyle and budget.

Before you start is important to know what kind of skin you have. If your skin is sensitive and tends to irritate you to be careful and select the methods that irritate less.

Your lifestyle determines the frequency with which you need to remove hair. A general recommendation is that before making any method of hair on your face your first one you practice in a less sensitive and visible area like the legs or arms.


Cream depilatories . Creams, milks and gels, foams or soaps. These creams are not the hair root is growing so fast. Pregnant should be repeated approximately every 7 days. These creams tend to be irritating and may appear allergy to some people.

Blade slot machines (machines for shaving). These are not recommended for use on the face because they cause irritation, hair grows very fast, can cause ingrown hairs and infections.

Depilatory wax . Wax is widely used in professional waxing. There are several types of wax and some are special to the face. Although the procedure hurts a little and irritates the skin, if done correctly will not cause problems with ingrown hairs.

Tweezers. As you know these pull hair from the root, one hair at a time. Method is a painful, time consuming and irritates the skin a little. Lasts 2 to 4 weeks. Can be used on eyebrows and if you have a few hairs elsewhere. In the area of the whisker is preferable to use another method.

Facial Hair discoloration. It is one of the most used and simple. This method manages to conceal the hair, which does not prejudice the color is removed so as not to look. Be very careful when applying it because it irritates the skin and should not be applied in the eye area.
Permanent hair removal : these ensure a far greater durability, you have to go to beauty centers for specialized care, since there are many different treatments for every skin type. Available techniques such as pulsed light and various types of lasers.

With all the above methods, it is important to maintain moisture and proper health of the skin, applying lotions and moisturizers , soothing lavender or calendula, to close the pores, but are not strong. If you suffer from acne after shaving, wait 24 to 48 hours to continue with your regular treatment, it is equally important to apply a moisturizer after shaving because the skin is bitter.

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