Face masks: Tomato-Honey Mask

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With only two ingredients that you can almost always at home, you can easily make a face mask for pimples. You need two tomatoes and a tablespoon of honey. The tomatoes are mashed with the blender very fine. The tomatoes should be very watery. Now add the honey and the whole blend again thoroughly. Apply the mask to the face and act for ten minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Face masks Tomato-Honey Mask

Yeast Mask

One of the simplest but most effective recipes for face masks, is the yeast form. Simply mix one cube of yeast with warm milk into a paste. Apply to the face, 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Then apply cream. The mask should be applied twice a week. The yeast mask smells a bit strange, but it fulfills its purpose well.


Yeast mask with exfoliating

Oatmeal, some milk, yeast, honey, ground almonds and a squeeze of lemon juice (concentrate) is mixed into a paste. Apply to the face, after ten minutes, wash and leave. The oatmeal and ground almonds provide the peeling effect. Honey and lemon disinfectant effect.


Tea Tree Oil Mask

Two heaping tablespoons flax seeds (coarsely ground in coffee grinder) with 1 / 2 cup of strong chamomile tea (2 bags / cup) and stir to swell. Then a teaspoon jojoba oil, one teaspoon Sweden herb and five to eight drops of tea tree oil add and stir. The mask applied to the skin and cover with a facial tissue. Then, keep warm, terrycloth towels and allow about 20 minutes. Then wash off the mask with a paper towel and wipe off residue with warm water. In order to close the pores again, rinse with cold water. The mask should be applied two to three times a week.

You can get all the ingredients in the health food store, pharmacy or organic shop. Here you can grind the flax seed.

With all do it yourself facial masks for pimples is basically apply only to the cleansed face. The best mask for impure skin does not help in an unclean face.

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