Eyelid make-up properly – Tips and Tricks

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With professional technology and suitably chosen colors you can make up eyelids properly and highlight the entire eye area positively. If a fold of skin overlapping the movable lid, it requires some practice and patience to make up one Eyelids properly. Using professional techniques and some tricks can seem sad and tired looking eye area fresh and radiant.

Eyelid makeup properly Tips and Tricks

The professional foundation of slip lids

At the beginning is primed with a bright, shiny eye shadow not the entire eyelid. It is best suited for this mother of pearl shades. Here the color is applied to the eyebrow.

To make the ideal placement for the darker eye shadow exactly a relaxed face and a straight look is completely necessary. The game on the mobile eyelid is marked with a darker eye shadow.

Brown and golden hues are particularly suitable. To make up the Upper Eyelids properly, you must have the covert crease evenly applied color. The overlapping lid is pulled up from the Eyebrow to the crease ago is clearly visible.

In regular, half of the curves can now be applied eye shadow in a darker shade. In order to avoid harsh, ugly edges, the transitions should run smooth. This can be achieved by the blurring of contours.


Contours for a bright and beautiful view

During the day a natural-looking shade of brown should be used to conceal the eyelids. For the evening make-up stronger shades are suitable. The eyes appear larger when shadow applied between the dark eye and eyebrow highlighter.

With an eye pencil or eyeliner now emphasize the lash line then the solid line is blurred with a cotton swab.

This creates a smooth transition. Now a line is drawn at the lower eyelid which is connected with the eye shadow on the outer corner of eye. Kajal in an inner, lower eyelid is unsuitable for drooping eyelids, because the eye is reduced by optically.

The lashes can be accommodated with a special eyelash curler in the form. To open in the end the view a little, black mascara should be used. Thus you can make up Eyelids correctly and make your eyes shine without a special effort.

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