remove makeup before going to sleep to lower the risk of a stye

How to treat styes?

The appearance of a swollen red bump on the eyelid is usually indicative of a stye. This is one truly horrible beauty problem that can last a week. Discover how to get rid of a stye and how to prevent this nasty infection temporarily ruin your look. Stye Treatment is simple and can start immediately, […]

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When experiencing eye fatigue, eye function even then the quality goes down

How To Overcome Tired Eyes

Most human actions ranging from what it sees, when looking at something, the brain spontaneously follow the work tape of what is perceived by the eye. Activity do not miss seeing this already with the influence of light sharpness level. Increasingly bright light, would be more clear about the object to be seen. Yet in […]

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always use thin lines that give the illusion of a larger eye

5 Tricks for a perfect eyeliner

When eye makeup is important to understand what your shape and as we highlight them or conceal any aspect. To do the liners in any form are perfect. The important thing is to learn to use them correctly, very cumbersome and takes practice to make it look really good. In this paper we propose some […]

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begin to remove the false eyelashes and glue

How To Remove The False Eyelashes

Cleaning and removing the false eyelashes is important so as not to cause damage and in particular to keep them in good condition for a longer period. Removing them as they are applied is not complicated but if you do it incorrectly it can cause important damage such as impaired eye and what is even […]

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