Erases signs of fatigue with the magic brush Clarins

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This innovative product of the French firm Clarins should be always at hand in your wallet. It’s a pencil with illuminator brush – checker provided in a few seconds a fine texture, making disappear the dimmed areas of the face and marks of tiredness.

Erases signs of fatigue with the magic brush Clarins

The product is creamy, light texture, blends with the skin instantly and erases the imperfections. In addition it is hydrating and contains acid hyaluronic that fill the wrinkles leaving the flexible skin.


The effect of fresh face is immediate, thanks to their vegetable tensors that alisan panels the obvious features of a hectic day.

ECLAT Minute Pinceur Perfecteur also functions as an illuminator in the face due to the complex “Optimizing Light” that erases wrinkles and lines with the particles of light. Conceals all deficiencies but without overloading the face of makeup.

His exclusive diffuser brush allows for quick and accurate application to its small size is perfect to keep it on hand and use at any time of the day.

The Magic Brush comes in three shades for each type of skin: light beige, beige pink or beige medium. Eclat Minute Metro that includes a wide range of cosmetic products “on the fly” to embellish each part of the face giving always a natural, healthy appearance.


Application tips

Place a small line around the eyes and through small touches with the pads of the fingers spread on the skin.

Then apply in lines around the nose and mouth. Apply with fingers, always with soft tapping so that the product is absorbed.

Do four tiny dots in the bright areas of the face: cheeks, forehead and Chin and spread around.

In seconds you’ll see the signs of fatigue disappear and the face looks very bright


Wear a perfect and flawless makeup, smooth-skinned and without imperfections, is easier than it seems if we have adequate products.

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