Eating healthy: is it possible to avoid preservatives and chemical additives in the diet?

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The healthy eating has become a choice for many people seeking to improve their quality of life through the consumption of natural products. However, it is sometimes difficult to meet this goal, especially if you do shopping at the supermarket, which usually offer products packaged in used chemicals to keep them fresh. Are these harmful preservatives? Can you avoid their consumption?

The food imports that explores the health impact of chemicals present in both the time of planting and harvesting vegetables and fruits, such as those added to foods mass production.


Eating healthy is it possible to avoid preservatives and chemical additives in the diet


So the famous saying goes. If you eat healthy, you must rethink the use of all these tempting offers packaged in cans, foil pouches and plastic containers: ready to serve sauces, flavored potato chips leek chicken, burgers stuffed with cheese and vegetables, frozen only require a microwave beat, and the list goes on and on.

The problem of chemical additives is that they are excessively used in 85% of the foods that are sold in large retail chains. In turn, is free that the same 5000 totaling distinct substances, necessary to preserve flavor, odor, texture, color and other qualities of the product itself.


Changing habits

It is not easy to change eating habits. For starters, many of the chemical additives used in food cause addiction. This is a problem that we must be aware, and that because of this natural foods often seem bland, lacking the coloring, flavoring, sweetener, etc.

In turn, tends to happen when you are buying a healthy product, in fact you learn that these nutrients are advertised on the packaging also the work of a laboratory. If you add the questionable safety of GMOs, it will be that supermarkets in general are not very conducive to healthy eating.

Another issue to consider when switching to a natural diet is the more expensive products really guarantee a reliable process and fresh. For example, it is not the same as buying an olive oil first cold grasp, a sunflower oil extracted from the supermarket shelf. The costs are very different.

To avoid chemical additives and preservatives everyone must find their own balance according to their possibilities. Perhaps becoming aware, things start changing for everyone.

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