Easy DIY Beet Blush Tips: How to Make Cream Blush at home

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Creating cosmetics DIY is a great way to prevent and potentially harmful chemical ingredients that many cosmetic companies use in their products, moreover, is fun and always gives a certain satisfaction.

Today I want to show you how to make a DIY cream blush realized in no time, with a minimum cost and with only two ingredients, lasts all day and in addition to color the face also has a moisturizing function.

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The blush is one of the fundamental elements in every trick, immediately gives a more healthy and illuminates the face, so why not learn how to build one all with our own hands!

We do not need nothing more than your usual moisturizer for the face and colored mica powder.

The mica powder is a mineral powder widely used in natural cosmetic products for its characteristic brilliance. These are commercially available in all varieties of colors and are great for creating blush DIY, lands, eye shadow, lip gloss, colored creams and so on.

In our case the colors that suit the realization of a blush are the peach, all shades of pink or warmer tones that go towards the brown, but there is no limit to the imagination!

Let the proceedings. Let’s start by putting in a simple cup 10 grams of moisturizer for the face and add 1 gram of mica powder color we chose, I will use the peach.

Mix with a wooden stick for a few minutes, rather vigorously, so as to mix the two ingredients well, it is important to dissolve all of the lumps. The result will be a cream colored uniform.

Your homemade is ready for use! To save, you can pour it into a small container with airtight seal.

This cream blush is easy to apply with a sponge or just with your fingers. It is just very little and is not absorbed immediately, this gives the opportunity to be nuanced as we like to adjust the intensity.

We can realize different in various colors for ourselves and for our friends, are in fact an original gift idea and certainly appreciated, perhaps combined with other cosmetic DIY.

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